Have you ever stopped to think about the life of a t-shirt? It’s probably a lot more interesting than you think! T-shirts can be recycled and used for all sorts of things — from making new shirts to insulation in homes. Learn more about the life of a t-shirt and how SwagCycle can help you recycle your promotional items!

Do you have a drawer full of promotional items that you never use? Or a closet full of T-shirts from races and events you’ve never attended? You’re not alone. In fact, according to the EPA, about 90% of promotional products are never used. That’s a lot of waste! But there’s good news. You can reduce the amount of waste your community produces by recycle promotional items. Here’s how.

Upcycling, a unique trend that is growing in popularity, goes beyond recycling because it doesn’t require degradation of the original material. SwagCycle can help your company or industry promote upcycle, recycle and help those in need by donating its obsolete branded items.

Do you know that there is a company focused on responsibly managing the lifecycle of branded merchandise? SwagCycle takes care of getting rid of old promotional clothing and other materials for companies that are rebranding or have been acquired. They make this problem go away by helping companies repurpose and recycle promotional items in a responsible, ethical, and affordable way. Check them out!

Recycling assists with lessening energy use, diminishes the utilization of new crude materials, decreases air contamination and water contamination (from landfilling) by diminishing the requirement for “ordinary” garbage removal, and diminishes ozone-depleting substance outflows. SwagCycle helps companies repurpose, recycle and reuse their branded merchandise.


SwagCycle is a startup focused on responsibly managing the lifecycle of branded merchandise. https://www.swagcycle.net/

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